The Beach Girls : 1980's American Pie

1980's American Pie

God, this movie was stupendously pathetic.but I couldn't stop watching, I wanted to see where it wentand it just went down.

But, I could say that it was the American Pie of the 80's.

There's a mad man in there with his hand on aon a BUTTON!

Re: 1980's American Pie

This is way better than American Pie. In my opinion Beach Girls is a masterpiece. To see it is to touch the extremes of human feeling. It is so personal, so penetrating of privacy, we almost want to look away. In order to understand why The Beach Girls is a great film, it must be experienced, not merely watched. The mood of the film is so transcendent it suggests the presence of God.

Brilliant, lyrical, sensitive, literate and heartbreaking. Beach girls is all this and more 10/10

Re: 1980's American Pie

Surely you jest. ' American Pie ' is so superior to this piece of garbage that you should apologize for mentioning them both in the same sentence.

Re: 1980's American Pie

This was a great movie to watch and I loved it! I have not seen it in quite sometime and I bought it with a box set of 11 other movies.

Dedicated to USA UP ALL NIGHT and the fans of the show!