Red Dawn : Your favorite scene?

Your favorite scene?

I have a few but the one I like best is when the kids are interrogating the Russian and Lea Thompson's character smacks him around to get him to talk.

I liked it because seeing a small, delicate girl behaving in a desperate almost barbaric manner was shocking and unusual, at the time. It was also wholly believable.

Mostly, I liked it because it was turning point in the movie where the kids went from being scared innocents into full-on freedom fighters.

Re: Your favorite scene?

My favorite scene is when they are sitting around the campfire and LTC Tanner makes a grim reference to the Siege of Leningrad.

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Re: Your favorite scene?

Near the end when Colonel Bella is reading his letter to his wife. Ron O'Neal's performance was the highlight of the movie. That part feels so real about a man who watched his convictions to a cause simply fall away to the harsh realities of war. The end, when he lets the brothers go and drops his weapon is a sign of his true humanity.

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You know what? I wonder if that scene where he lets Jed and Matt go is supposed to be similar to what Mr. Teasdale was talking about in the history lecture at the beginning. The last thing he mentions before the invasion is about the young son of the Khan asking his dad to let the last survivor go free. That's sort of what Bella does.

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Mine has always ben when C. Thomas Howell's character Robert stares down the Russian Hind 'copter.

Re: Your favorite scene?

This 1000%, it effected me so much as a child, I drew pictures and imitated this scene so many times.. I thought it was the most heroic *beep* I ever seen!
I would rewind it countless times, and it never got old. I partially named my son Robert, because of this character.

As a kid going up in the 80's there was nothing more heroic then that moment.

I was obsessed for YEARS, making makeshift RPG's Dressing like Robert in my Paintball days.. it never ended hahah.

Re: Your favorite scene?

I partially named my son Robert, because of this character.

Nice! Well played.

It's a great moment for a character who really has a strong arc.

Re: Your favorite scene?

Probably the initial invasion at the school.

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Re: Your favorite scene?

I like it when they are getting all the stuff from the gas station and one kid insists on getting toilet paper because he wasn't going to use leaves. That's exactly what I would've done if I had been there.

Re: Your favorite scene?

My favorite scene would probably the Daryl execution scene. In this scene, more than any, you see the effects of war on these young kids and their humanity. Even Daryl had a legitimate reason for what he did that all of them outside of Robert could empathize with. You could see the anguish that Jed goes through in deciding whether or not to kill him.

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