Red Dawn : US and British Navy

US and British Navy

I know it is a movie and you have to suspend disbelief.

They never talk about how the US Carrier groups and nuclear sub fleet are neutralized as well as the British navy. Britain may get hit hard but why wouldn't they just nuke Moscow and key military targets.

Re: US and British Navy

Actually, the invasion was launched from Mexico, so the Navy wasn't an issue in the invasion.

As for the sub fleet, there was no reason to believe that the sub fleet was of any use. They mention a limited nuclear attack on silo. Certainly, the US could have shot back, but we have to assume that the government felt is was better to fight it out on land and air rather than killing everyone in the whole world. Total nuclear war would have been a different movie. We got that movie in The Day After.

As for Britain, they may have been destroyed totally, or feared an attack on Moscow to be suicide.

The invasion thing was not totally plausible, but they gave enough to make it easy to suspend disbelief.

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I though in the story line the Soviets crossed the Bering Strait and invaded Alaska along with Canada...I too recall wondering where was the Pacific Fleet when all this was happening.

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I would assume that the US nuclear subs would decimate Russia, which is why the invaders are so dug in - they can't go home.