Red Dawn : What's the capital of Texas?

What's the capital of Texas?

Lea Thompson wakes up Powers Boothe and tests his loyalties with the question, "What's the capital of Texas?" to which he responds, "Austin." She corrects him that it's Houston, but seems confident that he is truly an American.

A minute later when he's giving them the run-down of how the invasion occurs, he mentions that his family was stuck behind enemy lines in Texas, which we are led to assume is his home state.

So, how did he not know the capital city of his home state? I know he said he was tired when he was woken up by Thompson's character, but I don't feel that's the kind of thing you forget just because you're groggy.

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Look at a map, watch the scene again, come back with a question rephrased.

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ARRGH! You fed the troll!

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Sure, troll was one possibility. But, another is that they legitimately did not know. More than 75% of school kids tested are below basic levels on understanding of geography. Hell, polls show that 6% of Americans can't circle Independence Day on a calendar.

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She was acting like a hot shot.

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We all know the capital of Texas is Dallas! And specifically Cowboys Staduim. God bless Tom Landry. Jk. I wish she had asked him if he had ever seen the basement of the Alamo, or had seen Pee Wee's bike while he was flying overhead. But then again, Pee Wee had not come out yet.

I thought the line was funny in the movie bc most people really don't know the capitals