Red Dawn : Red Dawn vs. The Outsiders

Red Dawn vs. The Outsiders

Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, William Smith and Darren Dalton acted in both "Red Dawn" and "The Outsiders". Both movies were about "gangs". In "Red Dawn" the Wolverines were a group of guerrillas fighting Communist invaders. I get that. In "The Outsiders" the poor Greasers rumbled with the more affluent Socs. I don't get that. That movie featured the lamest gang fight I have ever seen. It looked less believable than a Communist invasion of the USA.

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The Outsiders was a bigger homofest than Top Gun. Just scope out that scene of Rob Lowe spooning C. Thomas Howell and whispering in his ear haha. You could get gay just watching it.

Red Dawn was cooler and manlier.

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That scene was never shown in the theatrical release precisely because male preview audiences said it was " too gay" and turned them off.

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Outsiders was a much better book than it was a movie. I think the novel was somewhat plausible. The film was a bunch of Brat pack members way before their time, and as such had bad acting, score, and was generally unlikable. Red Dawn is definitely superior