Red Dawn : Question about the bug

Question about the bug

Since he swallowed it, wouldn't it normally be passed through one of his movements? Can someone explain why it would remain in his body?

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Yes the bug would movie through Daryl's digestive system and he would have crapped it out.

But here is what we don't know and it makes a small plot hole. We don't know when Daryl sneaked away from the group to go to town. We don't see his father turn his son in to the KGB. Or what the KGB did to Daryl.

We can assume that Daryl went to town recently. And that's when he was caught and forced to swallow the bug. Then he was released and the Soviets went hunting the next morning. Because they knew it was only a matter of time before that bug left his body.

Now here's what I find hard to believe. How did Daryl get to town with out the rest of the group knowing that he left? They all lived in the same camp.

But it's a movie. We the viewers had to be shocked that Daryl was caught and betrayed the group.

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"Now here's what I find hard to believe. How did Daryl get to town with out the rest of the group knowing that he left? They all lived in the same camp."

I've never understood that. You would have to think it would be a days journey to town. They were in the mountains. Even if you would argue that you could get there in a few hours....and a few hours back. And a few hours of having been caught and interrogated and wouldn't be like the rest of the group thought he went to poop behind a tree.

I get the "it's a movie" but they could have thrown in a quick scene of him returning with some supplies as though he was on a scavenger mission and had him be real quiet....then followed by the Russians as though he had led them to him.

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If you ever camp in the wilderness in a small group for an extended period of time your camp begins to feel cramped and crowded even though your in the middle of the forest. Most people end up spending long periods of time off alone without the group just to relax and more so just to not be next to the same small group every second of your life.

By the time Daryl takes his visit to town they have all been living on top of one another for months and months. Also, half of the group did not like each other from the very first day! He could easily say "I'm going to camp over by such and such a place overnight and see you in the morning."

Very plausible.

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The rest of the group might have been on a mission without him...
It does seem he was there for some time, since his dad turned him in, they tortured him long enough to break him, and cooked up the tracker scheme, and then implemented it.
30 years ago I thought there was something missing here, like a scene explaining his absence. I still wonder if there is.

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That's what I said. When did Daryl sneak away from the others to go into town and why would he risk that *beep* Maybe it is supposed to be a surprise thing to the audience, but I feel you need to set it up. Show him going into town at least, but not that he got caught.

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Since the Soviets had only just started coming after them with the tracker, it probably hadn't been in him very long.

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^ This.

Did you engage hostiles? I *vaporized* hostiles.

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One .. The tracker could have had something that attacjes or gets stuck in the Body..thr KGB had s lot of tricky devices they would not care what impact it had on him he was just a means to an end. Also it makes sense they would come up with something that would stick in him otherwise he would pass it in a few hours.

2 they were togetjer most of the time but they msy have split up from time to time to keep the enemy confused...also by that time they may have taken turns going out to hunt for food. He may jave been gone for a day or so for that reason also from time to time they went on scout and recon Missions either in a small group of 3 or only 1 like when they executed their familes I forget which one was crawling thru the wheat to spy on them.. Remember he had said he went to town because jed said not to so I'm guessing he was on his turn on scout duty and went too far to town

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The thing that bothered me was when did he get caught going into town? We never saw that.