Black Mirror : Nosedive - What happens next?

Nosedive - What happens next?

When I first watched Nosedive, I thought she was arrested and put in jail for crashing the wedding. But after watching it again, I realised that they put her in a machine to remove the implants from her eyes, meaning she can no longer see people's ratings, implying her incarceration has something to do with her rating going down to zero.

So what happens next? When I first watched it and I saw the small white flakes in the air in the jail cell, I thought she was being gassed, which turned out not to be the case. Why bother to remove the implants if they're just going to kill her? And besides, it would be a very harsh punishment for simply being unpopular, very similar to what happens in Hated in the Nation. I don't believe that's what's happening here.

So why remove her implants? Is she put somewhere where people don't have the implants and society isn't based on popularity ratings? Because if so, that sounds like a much better existence than what she or anybody else had. Or was she in fact arrested and thrown in jail for crashing the wedding, and temporarily removing the implants is simply standard practice when somebody is arrested?

Any ideas?

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I'm not sure what you mean by small white flakes? I doubt they'd kill her, the society seems evolved. It looked like a temporary holding cell.

I thought the ending was also really upsetting too. I think they were happy yelling at each other for a while, but I thought maybe they would smile or something after getting their anger out. Where they going to just be angry people for eternity. I was told Nosedive had the one happy ending until San Junipero

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White flakes - maybe it was just the light reflecting against the dust in the air.

I didn't find the ending upsetting at all, and they definitely weren't angry. They were simply exercising their newly found freedom to be as insulting as they could with no consequences. It was liberating.

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I agree with you.

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They WERE smiling at each other. At the very end as the screen was flashing between the two of them, they were definitely smiling while screening.

It was a release they they were never able to get while "plugged in".

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I think she went into a holding cell while she awaited sentencing for her public disturbance at the wedding. They take away your social media privileges when you go here.

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Yeah I think you're right.

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The way I took the "white flakes" in the end was that now that she was disconnected from the world that revolved around maintaining a fake perfect image and all its filters, she was finally able to see the world clearly, imperfections and all. The dust flakes in the air represented the most genuine thing she has seen for likely quite some time.

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I read this a little differently. I like the idea that the dust symbolized that the filters are gone but this also plays into my idea.

I think that the truck driver represented true freedom. She flat out says that social media is crap and that when she let go she found that freedom. She also says that you have to control yourself so you don't just spiral out. Now skip to just before the wedding. She has the chance to follow the truckers advice to just let go and have a glass of whiskey. Instead she goes the other way and rants.

That rant was the tipping point between someone who has had a form of control to a person who has just lost it. In that society an outburst like that would be and was damning.

That cell she was in was her own personal prison and the societal filters (for her) were now off.

The other guy was in the same prison and they used similar tactics. Troll tactics.

It started nice enough but quickly devolved into a battle of insults. They weren't smiling because they were free, they were smiling because the outburst they were having was giving them the angry response they so badly needed. Like a predator with a full belly.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not. I'm sure some troll will come tell me that I am wrong and wait for my angry response to flash those crocodile teeth.

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I hope they fell in love and lived happily offline for the rest of their lives. The end.