Black Mirror : Season 3 Was Just OK

Season 3 Was Just OK

I loved the first two seasons. Almost all of the episodes of the first 2 seasons were great.

Fifteen Million Merits, The Entire History of You, Be Right Back and White Christmas are some of the best television episodes of anything I've ever seen. They perfectly encapsulate the Twilight Zonish greatness that every anthology sci fi show should be.

That being said, I only liked like three or four episodes of season 3. That's still pretty good, but I just hated "San Junipero" and "Hated in the Nation". San Junipero was just too saccharine for me. The interracial lesbian angle screamed of liberal pandering, and the story was just so predictable. It felt like it was trying too hard to be another heartfelt episode like "Be Right Back". It also felt like now the show is trying too hard to gain approval from critics. In the previous seasons it got good reviews just because they episodes were really well made. Now I feel like it's trying to be more than just a sci fi anthology series about technology.

Hated in the Nation, honestly I barely remember any details of this convoluted story but I just remember not getting the point of it. I guess the point is that there's no accountability for the ugly things people say and do on social media or something. It felt kind of like a british version of the movie Untraceable mixed with Sherlock. Anyway, it was too long and the bee thing just wasn't my cup of british tea.

My favorite episodes of this season were the first two. Although the ending for Nosedive was not that satisfying. The whole road trip sequence felt like it was building up to an epic climax that never quite happened. Overall it was still a good show and showcased most of what makes the show great, namely an awesome cast, well written episodes, and biting commentary about our tech obsessed culture. I still have a lot of faith in the makers of this show I just hope they stick to the dark, cynical tone that made the first four episodes so memorable

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Are you saying season 3 is not dark and cynical enough? Maybe you're right, I think it is a bit compromised comparing it with the first seasons.

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Shut Up and Dance was pretty crazy but I wasn't huge on the other episodes, especially the last two. They both suffered from the same problem I thought: The concepts weren't relatable enough. I didn't get the same sense of humanity watching a convoluted sci-fi military movie and a cop show that I got from episodes like Entire History of You where it's a problem the everyday person could face.