Black Mirror : Nosedive RUINED script, missed an opportunity

Nosedive RUINED script, missed an opportunity

When she crashed the wedding, the episode would have been so much better if she told some home truths about Naomi, and put the message across that its ok to say what you want about someone.
This leads to loads of 5/5 ratings due to people agreeing that Naomi is a self centred idiot, which ruins Naomis wedding and drops her score so low she goes off the handle.
Episode ends in a similar way where the main character, despite her massively high score, takes the truck drivers advice and says what she wants despite who it may offend, as she has learnt that the score is irrelevant and you cant please everyone.

Way better ending than what was offered.

Re: Nosedive RUINED script, missed an opportunity

I disagree

1) It'd be beyond cliche and my biggest issue with the episode as a whole is that it's very on the nose as it is. You watch the first 5 minutes and you pretty much know how the rest of the episode goes

2) The episode isn't just about Naomi, it's also about society and the status/wealth gap. Having Naomi bust her butt to get to the wedding while having her rating tank and have her still seek approval reinforces the idea that she was always going to be marginalized and was never going to get their approval anyway. This is reinforced by the idea that the bride told her she only needed Naomi for her low rating to make herself look better and get more ratings. The rich protect their own

3) With the exception of 1 or 2 episodes, the series isn't meant to be overtly uplifting and inspirational. A lot of it is taking our bad habits of today and amplifying them to show how far out of control they can spiral tomorrow at the cost of our humanity and morals.

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Re: Nosedive RUINED script, missed an opportunity

Naomi is the bride. Bryce's character is Lacie, the "maid of honor".


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