Black Mirror : Would you rather questions for varied episodes... (SPOILERS)

Would you rather questions for varied episodes... (SPOILERS)

- Would you rather be able to replay memories throughout your entire life like a DVD (The Entire History of You) or have deceased people back in any from from IM through to live in the (synthetic) flesh, the same in almost every way only they are slightly less human, less natural and you know it's not really them (Be Right Back)?

- Would you rather go through the White Bear experience every day for presumably years (like a prison sentence), finding out everything at the end and then finding out you're repeating it over and over again, over and over again, or would you rather be locked in a small dingy cabin room with nothing to do and that horrendous song playing on the radio for thousands of years?

- Would you rather exist in San Junipero, or just die?

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My answers..

- I'd rather have the replayable memories. At least they're real.. and I know I'd obsess over things.. and get addicted to nostalgia and it'd be bad for me.. but, I just can't resist. I'd love that.

- This is horrible. Absolute torture either way. I think I'd rather just die.. the White Bear lass deserves to die anyway, and Joe, it's thousands of years. It's too much. But okay if I have to choose then I choose White Bear.

- I'd rather exist in San Junipero.

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- replay memories for sure. I don't want some knock off copy of a family member running about.

- I'd rather be in the White Bear experiment. At least I'm out and about. Can you imagine sitting in a single room for a 1000 years?

- Definitely would stay in San Junipero. I'm an 80's kid anyway.

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Replay memories. I'm overly analytical so this thing would ultimately be my demise but it would be so awesome. Plus it just takes what we already have (memories) and just amplifies it to like a trillion whereas reanimating a fake loved one and interacting with them is bound to create some kind of disassociative disorder

White bear for sure. It's basically "ignorance is bliss" on crack. There's only like a few hours at most where you know what's really happening and going on. In white christmas your stuck in that room for thousands of years with a song on lop. That's just insane.

Haven't seen san junipero

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Definitely what other people have said. The memory recording in Entire History would be really useful as long as you don't use it obsessively. I think a responsible use of this technology could be learnt just like social media can be used responsibly today.

On the other hand, I can't think of anything good about having a copy of a dead person built entirely from their online activity. I would even consider it as a disrespect to the memory of the dead person. I certainly wouldn't want an AI copy of myself running around after my death, and if it was based on my online personality, it would be a lot more immature and perverted than I am in real life lol.

White Bear punishment or thousands of years stuck in a room with Christmas songs playing? Definitely White Bear, especially as I would only remember that day, so according to me the punishment would only last for one day.

I'd rather live in San Junipero than die.

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definitely San Junipero, several time peroids to explore so its not always the same.

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Replay memories. The only people who I personally knew in life that died were my grandparents and they were basically strangers to me so I'd be a waste. And it's too creepy. My memory is horrendous so being able to play back memories would be very useful.

I'd rather take the white bear situation. Jfc.. both are bad but at least with white bear you're kind of unaware of it for most of the time. If you're locked in a small cabin you're completely aware of the situation the entire time you're awake.

Die. Just die. That fake world shït really bothers me. It seems like it gets boring fast and I'd probably turn into one of those degenerates at the Quagmire.