Black Mirror : Why Does Everyone Hate The Waldo Moment?

Why Does Everyone Hate The Waldo Moment?

For me it's not a horrible ep, although not one of my favorites.

The satire is definitely a bit too obvious and I thought the ending was very exaggerated with Waldo's world power. However after Trump won especially it started looking just a bit less exaggerated and it grew in my eyes. Yeah, I'd tone down on Waldo taking over the world, but the general concept isn't bad or unbelievable.

I also like how the point of how you can always appear funny and win arguments using the right type of humor/attitude without having to be exceptionally witty, how it's easy to always make people look stupid once you get the formula down.

The acting was good as well.

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Not because he knew more about stuff than other people, or that he was a better debater, but because he would lean very close into your face and shout "You're talking BOLLOCKS!". It's hard to argue against that.

I have a friend who used to win mini debates in our English class in high school by doing something similar. Even if he was assigned what most people would assume to be the obviously impossible-to-win side of the debate he would just sit there and chuckle and then say "well, you're wrong" to the other side and he would win every time.

And this is not someone who is necessarily a well informed debater either--he enjoys arguing and deliberately getting people riled up and that is why he would win the debates (with little information or facts) and why the opposing side would end up being viewed as the losers. What he was saying was almost irrelevant, it was how he delivered his comments and how he ended up making the other team look (emotional, discombobulated, etc).

"Your petty vengeance fetish will have to do withOUT Mr. Groin!"

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I liked the episode. It was a good satire of politicians and the process in general. it's amazing how well one can do when you just attack the other person and don't even mention your own stance on the issues. Waldo represented the voice of the people who were tired of the same old, same old. I felt like it exposed the electoral process for what it is. A process of style over substance. Even though he didn't win he make enough of scene to get 2nd in the election and I'm sure he was really popular with the younger generation so that will most likely grow with time. I do feel they overdid it on the ending though as I don't think he would have become that big, but he was a good disruption for the political system that people could get behind. I would give it a 8 out of 10.

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I didn't get the ending. Would appreciate it if you could just tell me in a few words as you obviously understood it. Thanks

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The ending takes place some time in the future (maybe a decade?) after the Waldo incident. The company that owns Waldo has become an international political machine that helps political parties win the vote in their respective countries. It's assumed that all these Waldo "franchises" agree to unify under the Waldo flag to create a One World scenario.

At best, it's far fetched. At worst, it's preposterous. I'm leaning towards preposterous. I did enjoy the episode as a whole, but felt it was the weakest of the first two seasons (I haven't started season 3 yet).

Re: Why Does Everyone Hate The Waldo Moment? create a One World scenario.

You had a shot at making this One WaldOrder and missed! 😨