Black Mirror : Best season

Best season

Which season for you had the best episodes overall.

Bit unfair when it comes to season 3 because it has more episodes but I would rank it

Season 1: I think all the episodes are great in this one.
Season 2/3: I think I have to keep them tied as joint second best

I actually spent a good 10 mins deciding what order haha they're all so good. And even then couldn't settle over 2 and 3. Started off saying that the 2nd season was best followed by the 3rd and then 1st. But then I remembered that all the episodes in season 1 are solid, season 2 and 3 had episodes that I didn't enjoy so much, not that it made them bad episodes as they were still the best thing on tv today.

Re: Best season

season 1 is the best for sure.
it has the episode that got everyone to keep watching the series, even if some people don't like the episode so much (the national anthem)
and it also has the two best episodes of the whole series by far (15 million merits, the entire history of you).

Re: Best season

Yeah I get you

Although 15 million merits was my personal top 4 behind that of White Bear, Entire History of You and White Christmas. But season 3 definitely has also got episodes that surpass it like Hated in the Nation and I personally liked Playtest. Having said that season 1 I loved all the episodes whereas seasons 2 and 3 had ones I disliked, i.e. Waldo in season 2 and Nosedive in season 3. Which is why it is ranked first.

Re: Best season

Agreed. Season 1 has my 2 favorite episodes; National Anthem (aka the pig) and Entire History of You. Most intense, although I like lots of others.