Black Mirror : San Junipero horror

San Junipero horror

After reading some comments here, I think a lot of people are focusing on whether or not the main concept is something truly happy or something truly horrible. Some of you even resent that this was shown to us in such good light without any obligatory commentary or a cynical undertone that shows this kind of eternity sucks. I think this is missing the point.

The horror comes exactly from the fact that the ep is happy, and the ending is great, the hell with predictable attempt to bring it down as opposed to a short life after which you cease to exist (that should be rationalized as more "meaningful" I suppose). A character has a choice and unless you are really not being personally honest, I am sure you see not existing as something horrible compared to what she is getting. She is getting time, youth that isn't passing, and a chance to love.

BUT, while you root for her to pick happiness over disappearing, and the more you allow yourself to admit what the show is showing you, that it is a happy ending, the more you are admitting how horrible our reality is. Because we don't have San Junipero or any other scenario to look forward to, we are going straight to nothingness, the choice you would be sad to see Kelly make. Except it isn't a choice for us.

This episode is horror. The potential tragic ending the characters overcame is our reality. And that is brilliant.

Re: San Junipero horror

One's opinion of happiness vs horror can be settled with one simple test: Do you consider the song at the very end of the episode, "Heaven is a Place On Earth", to be triumphant or mocking?