Black Mirror : I loved Nosedive

I loved Nosedive

I absolutely loved this episode, and I thought the lead role was adorable (especially when things started going downhill for her). "I don't like your head... your entire head is just ridiculous to me." Lol... Love it.

Dear actress who played that role... Hit me up if you're single, please lol

Re: I loved Nosedive

I found it unbearable. I mean there were cool moments like her general downward spiral, the conversation with the 1.4 lady, the speech at the wedding, and when she finally becomes "real," but the fakeness and annoying high pitched talking and laughs kinda ruined it for me and made the first half nigh unwatchable. I guess that was the point but, meh whatever.

Re: I loved Nosedive

For me it's the opposite. I also think it's a wasted ep that could have been good, but I love the fakeness and laughs and the whole uncomfortable despair of her (and everyone else). It was the "raw" moments that really let me down. The speech that didn't really deliver or go there fully. The final scene could have been ok if by that point we didn't know that there's no way this character would suddenly develop wits even if she's in *beep* all mode. So, lame.