Black Mirror : I am so satisfied when she drops her phone

I am so satisfied when she drops her phone

Hi all,
I've been watching this series, Season 3 first (and now Season 2), and the entire time while literally every person's eyes are glued to their phones, I'm thinking, "I really hope someone trips, walks into a pole, drops their phone or something!"

Lo and behold, in S2E1 ("Be Right Back") Martha drops her phone, and it cracks. (Yay!)

Admittedly, it was a rather moot scene, because it cuts to the next scene of her unwrapping a brand new phone as if nothing happened. In real life, people drop their phones in the toilet all the time (as an example). If someone's phone breaks, there's this whole ordeal (financially and socially, "I got a new phone! Post your number"; "No contact with the world until I get a new phone!").

I mean, at least the writers/director make the briefest effort to touch on this aspect of relying on cell phones.

I'm just waiting for someone who's glued to their phone to walk into traffic or miss their next step.

Anyone else feel this way? Your thoughts?


Re: I am so satisfied when she drops her phone

I laughed when this happened. She made such a big deal about it. But I chalked it up to hormones making her overreact. And the fact that she was able to get a new phone so quickly made that scene much more comical.