Black Mirror : Bad People *Spoilers*

Bad People *Spoilers*

Firstly I wanna say that this is a great show and i've enjoyed it throughout, i've just finished season 3 episode 3 so i've three episodes left.

What's annoyed me though is the recurring theme of admittedly bad people committing immoral & illegal acts being punished by more immoral & illegal acts and futures society being ok with it.

Take Season 2 Episode 2, where the woman was recording the child with her boyfriend. Ok what she's done is horrible but people deem it acceptable to make an amusement park out of her terror and pay to see it day in day out for the rest of her life?

Then in the White Christmas episode a guy who was fully convinced he was a father for years finally discovers 'his' child is the product of his then girlfriend cheating on him and she deleted him out of her life to hide the fact. He just sees this and her father shows no sympathy whatsoever to him and acts like kind of a dick, fair enough he shouldn't have killed him & then involuntarily allow the girl to die but the police make his 'cookie' thing live with it for THOUSANDS of years with absolutely no empathy for what hes gone through in his life?

Then finally Season 3 Episode 3, fair enough everyone in this episode was guilty of something and deserved punishing but fights to the death, robbing banks etc. etc. only to still be outed in the end is again probably just as immoral than the acts that were committed in the first place but its seems like they're just accepted.

I just think the people who are laying down the punishment deserve punishment themselves for their over-the-top treatment of the criminals.

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How about prison? Death penalty? What would be an appropriate punishment for these crimes? Have you read of prisons? They are a training ground for criminals.

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I would say the death penalty would be a more appropriate punishment than some in black mirror. The others are just pure torture! Even the sex offender one in the white christmas episode where everyone has you blocked, be better off with the death penalty or in prison if you can't make contact with people.

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Well yeah, the punishers aren't supposed to he good people, we should be judging them as much as we judge the offenders. The public in White Bear are an exaggerated version of our society. Whenever a child murder or something happens in real life a lot of people say the murderer should be tortured, and some even go as far as saying they'd love to do the torturing.

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I actually wouldn't say that in any episode that they were all pretty awful humans.

Other than White Bear they weren't the worst human beings imaginable.

Even in Shut up and Dance. The main character is someone you can sympathise with. He isn't inheritly evil just programmed in a horrible way. He in my opinion needed help.

White Christmas the guy who killed the grandfather wasn't entirely evil either. His universe he lived in destroyed him as he wasn't even allowed to see his own daughter.

Even White Bear could be argued as inhumane as the women had lost all knowledge of what happened and therefore they are torturing a entirely different person. Furthermore, knowing that there is technology that can do that to your brain making you forget everything, who knows whether she was drugged at the time or under influence of something.

Either way I would actually like an episode where all the characters are entirely normal and loving yet have some awful ending. It would be both shocking and could caricapture how just because you may work incredibly hard you may not necessarily be rewarded.

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We are not supposed to be okay with it. That's the point. The entire theme of the show, if it can be defined, is that we need to be careful with which way society and technology are heading. You can already see glimpses of this kind of hatred and bloodlust these days. People are often terrible to one another and don't think twice about wishing death on others. This show holds a mirror (pun intended) up to us and shows us potential, although admittedly exaggerated, futures. It's meant to make you think. We as a society need to keep an eye on tech and make sure it doesn't go too fast for us and we know the dangers before it's too late.