Black Mirror : 3 thoughts about "Shut Up and Dance" - Spoiler

3 thoughts about "Shut Up and Dance" - Spoiler

I read some of posts here in the site about this particular episode, and I think that people ignore few important aspects, about the moral lesson of this episode. Some of the interpretations didn't deal with dark side of technology, so they miss the main idea of the whole show.

So here we go, three important aspects about this episode:

1. We live in an illusion that the Internet is a safe place, place we can stay anonymous, keep secrets and fulfill fantasies without anyone to know. The absurd here is that we trust technology with our deepest emotions, although all the facts prove otherwise (Wikileaks, torjan, virus, spam, Hacking) and that we need to be extra careful - it's more the wild west than a safe place. We do everything to keep our secrets from our family and friends in real life (lock the door, lies...) but most of us didn't even think about put sticker on the camera, read contract before we sign up to a site or to identify online fraud. The internet make us think that when we alone with the computer, we can be ourselves and reveal our true self without any worries but it's not really true, I think, this's the main idea of this episode.

2. I think that the director also want to imply that the temptations that come with the technology in the end will follow us to commit crimes in real life, for example, the Bulgar and the murder. It is suitable with the research literature that say that the internet only make us want more and more (because of the Dopamine), and in high intensity, sometimes even normative people can become perverts for a certain time due internet addiction (also from a study I read).

3. Not all the victims of the hackers are Pedophile, actually there's a ranking of sins, the problem is that, the ones who decides this "ladder of sins", aren't the law enforcement but the hackers themselves, the consequences of technology are anarchy - take us back to a "town square justice" like as in the Middle Ages. The black guy case is the biggest example for the danger of selective justice and selective punishment. If it's true, and in the last scene there's another guy, no police and two parents yelling, his "sin" was probably gay relationship and it's for sure didn't worth such a punishment.

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The black guy was married, he was wearing a wedding ring so whatever he was up to his wife deserved to know.

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Re: 2 - the proliferation of internet pornography has actually been correlated with an overall drop in instances of sex crime.

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It's not about sex crime it's about addiction.