Black Mirror : NOSEDIVE


Well was that foretelling of the plot end?

In this brightly coloured world in so many scenes there is little evidence of any productivity. In our girls workplace who works?

The plot is of course focusing on those who are living an odd life with full contact through this advancing technology. I am waiting [may already be here] for the I pad size tablet that is also a phone. It must be possible but may not be affordable to the masses. The story line does suggest that life begins with a score at some arbitrary age. Surely when young the score is [must be]very low therefore how will they get onto the score improving bandwagon.

How has the truck driver lady even got a job or is this world existing on something like the Hindu Caste system. The flaw surely is in situations like the workplace. Gordon Ramsay is effing you and this all over the place. Of course he is scoring you all low but on the other side he must getting those negative scores multiplied and quickly. All bosses will have to be carefu. Losing his control and chef status in a matter of moments. This might be good to be used at times like the presidential debates o in our case referendums. Hopefully sample votings might be tried out using this sort of technology. I mean it works for XFACTOR etc where multiple voting is desired [for the revenue of course] OR DOES IT? We the people wherever could be making important decisions if we are all connected.

Black mirror stories are about ways of life that are here and now is one form but is exaggerating them not quite Science fiction but nearly. I have enjoyed the macabre story telling and had no problem with this episode. With it being in the american accent it did strike me in the first instance as strange but the story lines are not nation specific.

Charlie Brooker is like most on this comedic area are political commentators highlighting often the ridiculous. The USA had people like Lenny Bruce and Bill [Cosby] sorry Hicks trying to entertain and educate. Mind you the stand up today has now got Cosby as part of hindsight education routine.

NOSEDIVE happens in many areas where one gets lifted high and then crashes and burns. Our protagonist in this case was not evil or bad on the surface but did as many suppress many attitudes. Frustration came to the fore and yes it was after a sudden downward dive in score resulting in reasonable expectations being reduced.

This is the case when at a service desk for egample. Behind the desk is the expectation that nice words and smiles will solve a problem. Often this gets out of hand. Nowadays prison officers are going to be expected to call female prisoners students. See where it is all going. In the future those who are in that class of hate the world will be able to say anything but those 'caring' for them must be perfect. Often the unemployed will tell the police that they are paying the wages so they are actually the employer.

Topsy Turvy is on the way and as they say the inmates are in charge of the asylum.

I like Brookers style and I like Black Mirror. USA or UK.


brits dont understand technology