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What should be the length of a synopsis of a script of around 130-35 pages or a novel around 250 pages?

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250 pages is a bit short for a novel these days, and the answer depends on whether you're writing a synopsis or outline (two different things, but pretty much interchangeable on a submission).

A synopsis is a basic overview of the story. It reads like a condensed novel, with snippets of dialog, etc. It can run 10-15 pages. 20 is a bit much, especially for a novel as short as 250 pages. Think of it as telling the story to a friend.

An outline covers things chapter by chapter, and is written in the present tense. It tends to run longer, so 20 pages is about right. Snippets of dialog can be used.

The page count is not all that important. You need to have some good sample chapters in the submission (always the first three or around 60 pages). That's what gets the editor's attention. The outline/synopsis is there to show that you can handle the basic plotting of the rest of the book, but if the sample chapters don't show you can write, the editor won't bother with the outline/synopsis.

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For a script, no more than one page.

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Synopsis is 2-3 pages long for a screenplay. good luck