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quote in San Junipero

Yorkie told Kelly to convince her to stay in San Junioero something like "okay, then not forever. Its not a trap." but wasn't one of the points that after death you lived in San June for eternity. Isn't that what made the episode a bit uneasy because it was a trap where you couldn't leave but was forced to stay human forever.

Also on a random note does anyone know the trailer music for season 3. I've been looking for it everywhere.

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The episode seems to establish that there at least 3 San Junipero's, the 80's one, the 90's ones and the 00's one, and given the size of the machines at the TKCR facility I'm guessing there are other bespoke zones for people to choose from.

I think it might also be possible to move from one zone to the next as again at the end there seems to be a lot of outside for Yorkie to drive about it

I want to hope that its a happy ending as seen but it's also possible that 'Kelly' at the end isn't 'real' just Yorkie wishing for her to be there and the system complying to make her happy, and who knows maybe once Yorkie has had the life she was denied due to the accident she will choose to get deleted

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I don't think many dying Japanese, French or German people are going to want hang in San Junipero.

I want to hope that its a happy ending as seen but it's also possible that 'Kelly' at the end isn't 'real' just Yorkie wishing for her to be there and the system complying to make her happy

Yup - what if you want to hang out with your dead wife in simulated Heaven but she wants to party it up and never see you again?

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I think that Yorkie said after that it's not a trap and that you could leave San Junipero if you wanted. I took that to mean that even the permanent residents could delete themselves from the server at will.

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After death, you don't live in San Junipero for eternity.

The episode is basically about Internet addiction. If you look at anime inspired by Tron/The Matrix, like .hack//SIGN and its spinoffs Log Horizon and Sword Art Online, the Japanese envision the Internet of the future as largely interfaced via virtual reality. Instead of keyboards and screens, we'll wear head gear. Or, like in The Matrix, we'll be jacked in directly. That's what "San Junipero" did.

No one is stuck in San Junipero. They absolutely can travel from zone to zone. I'm guessing if you drive far enough out of town, there's some kind of hub where you can choose where you go next.

The death thing is a new feature offered by TCKR. It's not required, and it probably isn't cheap, either. But Yorkie and Kelly were rich. Look at the senior centers they lived in. Top of the line. These were not working folks. They had money, and/or came from money.

Kelly at the end was not imagined by Yorkie. Kelly was opposed to the thing because her real-life husband and child passed before the technology was finished, but she decided she didn't want to just end, so she made the choice. And we see her being euthanized, which was probably a necessity after her consciousness was transferred. The final proof is at the end, when the machine inserts not one, but two canisters (one is Yorkie's essence, the other is Kelly's) into the server. (And there are thousands, so this is a very popular service.)

On a side note, I know (and love) how none of the episodes are connected, but I hope this one gets a follow up. A completely unrelated city should have people start to decay. Either something went wrong at TCKR, or their "eternal essence" service just doesn't work. After 50 or 100 years, the signals degrade. I dunno. They really shouldn't do this. But it's something they could do. You really couldn't follow up the others.

- Dark Reality

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You lost me when you said that the episode was about internet addiction. You completely missed the point of the entire episode. These were OLD and dying people, who were given a second chance at life and chose that, over death/nothing. Yes it was a simulator for their consciousness, but it was also an alternative option than having to deal with eternal nothingness (death). This had nothing to do with internet addiction.