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Books on Screenwriting

Can someone recommend me some good books on screenwriting?

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I can highly recommend Real Screenwriting, by Ron Suppa. It's a good overview of the art, craft and business of writing movies.

I also recommend The Screenwriter's Bible, by David Trottier. If you want to know about formatting, this is a must-have.

For inspiration and a good look into the life of working screenwriters, I recommend 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters, by Karl Iglesias.

If I may self-promote a bit...

I also would like to suggest my book, Q & A: The Working Screenwriter - An In-the-Trenches Perspective of Writing Movies in Today's Film Industry. (Available online wherever books are sold, i.e. Amazon, B&N, etc. You can also find it at select B&N stores here in Los Angeles.)


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"How to write a screenplay in 21 days" Viki King

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I think any of the books on the subject talk about the main points you need to know.

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Writing For Emotional Impact (Kevin Iglesias)
Action Screenwriting (William Martell)

Easy reading is damn hard writing (Hawthorne)

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i have read 'Screenplay" by Syd Field, and that's all so far. what are people's opinions on that one? are there better ones that i should look at?

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'Screenplay' is a good book, but its not as educational as the screenwriter's problem solver, also by syd field. This book is not only a problem solver, but it starts off as a guide for beginners, telling you EXACTLY what you need to do to write a script, and if you wish, sell it. There is also an elaborate troubleshooter section. This book helped me a lot, highly recommended.


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It's Robert "Mckee"

I think the best book written is INSIDE STORY: The power of the transformational arc by Dara Marks

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INSIDE STORY: The power of the transformational arc by Dara Marks

I just got this book and so far it's very good.

Save the cat is another good read as well

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STORY by Robert McGee, and HOW TO MAKE A GOOD STORY GREAT. good luck