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PC Software question

I haven't dabbled in writing in a very long time, but recently I had an inspiration and was wondering what's the best screen writing software out there for the PC, last time I used Final Draft, and lost my disks since.

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Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter are considered the "best."


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i have movie magic and love it.

I was able to get mine version brand new off of ebay for fifty bucks. check around

Re: PC Software question Movie Magic.

..Movie Magic so you can have a 30 day test drive.

Movie Magic in my opinion has shot themselves in the foot as they now offer only 48 hours trial plus it is near impossible for a normal user to remove properly.
It has nag screens for you to buy it too which annoys me no end.
What do they think I tried the demo out if I was not considering if I would buy it?

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I just use OpenOffice with a Screenplay plugin. Word would do just as well. I wouldn't worry so much about the software and just concentrate on writing.

Re: PC Software question - You can try free and legal, open source Celtx

Info about Celtx, Online Screenwriting and Script Sharing Communities and a Links Page with a Ton of Good Screenwriting Websites and Blogs

Try Celtx. It's a free and legal open source screenplay formatting software that is used by a lot of people. Later if you get serious about screenwriting or have a couple hundred bucks you want to get rid of permanently, you can buy Final Draft or MMS. Celtx has also added production functions over the last several years.

They have a good online community also where you can post your scripts and get feedback and read the scripts of others and give them comments. Make sure you register your script online with the WGA before you show it to anyone or post it anywhere. Two more good online screenwriting communities are Zoetrope (stated by Coppola and his Zoetrope Studios) and Triggerstreet (started by Kevin Spacey). Another good site for sharing and commenting on scripts, as well as discussion board and finding scripts to download and read is Simply Scripts. In fact all four of these script writing communities have good discussion boards for aspiring screenwriters.

Also, here is a good site started by some of the professional writers and filmmakers and the regulars of the imdb Shop Talk Writers board. Check out the FAQ section. A lot of the good informational posts about screenwriting from the Writers board are stored there where they don't have to be bumped and can always be found in the same location, unlike on imdb.

Here's a direct link to the FAQ section.

Here's a link to a post I compiled with lots of links to screenwriting sites. The first section contains links to Celtx, and the second section has links to the screenwriting communities I mentioned above. The middle section has links to some very good screenwriting sites. The last section is links to blogs of screenwriters and TV writers. There are some very funny and also some really helpful and informative info in some of these blogs if you have the time to read some of them.

I really recommend the Wordplayer site and Two Adverbs as well as Chris Lockhart's Blog. n=display&thread=97

And then there is the Shop Talk Writers board on imdb, which has some pro screenwriters and some serious aspiring screenwriters (as well as two residents trolls right now ).

Hope this post helps.

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