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My sister and I are writing a book, it's a true story. I know our chances are 1 in a million of having it seen, but do you have any idea of how we would go about doing that? I don't know if we would want to put the book out first or try for a movie or do them at the same time. Im a little bit of a dreamer and very goal oriented so Im shooting for Jerry Bruckheimer..I cant just go up to this man and tell him about this wonderful true story I have...Any suggestions?

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HereÂ’s what you can do...

Write the book.

Query publishers. See if you can get any bites -- and ultimately get the book published.

Hope the book is a success.

If the book is excellent and warrants a movie adaptation, producers will probably snap it up while still in galleys. If not, but the book is still a success, then perhaps a studio/prodco will buy the rights from you.

If you get that far -- and frankly, that lucky -- you might be offered the chance to do the screen adaptation yourself. More than likely a "name" screenwriter will be brought on board. Chances are decent you'll have no input on the final screenplay. Sorry, you sell the rights, it's out of your hands forever.

So, that's one way to go. Or...

Write the screenplay on your own and try to sell that. This is definitely not an easy task. Chances of succeeding with this are slim. Very slim.


Hire a screenwriter to write the script. This'll cost you some money. For a screenwriter who knows what he's doing -- one that can deliver a marketable screenplay -- it'll cost tens of thousands. (Plus youÂ’ll want an entertainment attorney to do up some sort of collaboration agreement.)

No, walking up to Jerry Bruckheimer and telling him you have a great idea probably isnÂ’t a good way to go. Sure, you might get somewhere with that, but it's highly unlikely. Producers arenÂ’t really looking for ideas (from no-name talent). They want screenplays. Great screenplays. And you need to be able to pitch your screenplay on a momentÂ’s notice should you meet someone like Mr. Bruckheimer. (Funny, I ran into him not long ago at a hotel here in Beverly Hills.)

Those are pretty much all your options. Good luck!


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I agree with everything and I mean EVERYTHING Jim Vines said above. I would also add if you are wanting to know what the "right path" is for you right now, I’ll just reiterate what someone (Directorik) has already said here in these blogs: “the path you take will be the best path for you. My advice is to stop thinking about the right path, choose one and start down it.”

Believe me if I knew the ‘right path’ to success as a screenwriter or novelist, I would already have taken it. Instead I trudge along in my own path, writing and hoping one day I will write something worthy of being published (my books) or produced (my screenplays). If only my name was Danielle Steele (author) or Nora Ephron (screenwriter). Except it isn’t. I have yet to make my own name. I understand once you make your own name 'out there' a lot of doors open up for you that otherwise wouldn't be open. That's what I've been lead to believe, anyway.

"Big dreamers never sleep!"

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Thank you both for your advice..we will keep working on our book and let our path take us to wherever it may lead us..