Screenwriters : Anyone need movie ideas?

Anyone need movie ideas?

Seriously I have about 3-4 movie idea's a day and probably 1-2 are actually good. I don't have time to write them all so if you want any just give me a genre and I'll give you the best ones.

Re: Anyone need movie ideas?

Ideas are a dime a dozen. It's decent scripts that are in short supply. No one needs your ideas - they have lots of their own.

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Re: Anyone need movie ideas?

I'd like to know a few of your idea's for a drama. I can usually expand on idea and sometimes into screenplays, so this could be helpful. Pitch me a few.

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Re: Anyone need movie ideas?

I agree that coming up with new ideas is actually pretty easy. I've come up with 7 in the horror genre, two of which are very very original. and I'm slowly working on them trying to build the story and characters and not rushing it. The reason why we never see "new ideas" get made that much anymore is because producers seem to just want to make movies they know have been successful. So the sequel, remake, cliches, been done before are actually the safest option. I hope that all changes one day.