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One of the benefits of Green Arrow as a character is that he doesnt really have any definitive arc you have to be beholden to as a storyteller. Even though I wish he had an epic comic storyline, the most famous association most have with the Green Arrow is as a supporting character and older, one-armed version in The Dark Knight Returns (sweetly nodded to in one of the better episodes of season one of Legends of Tomorrow). The Flash was always going to get to Flashpoint, Supergirl was eventually going to have to show Superman. But Arrow never ran into those epic arcs to adapt, which has given it free reign to pick and choose from DC/Batman lore. Deathstroke as a pivotal villain? Sure. League of Assassins? Sure. And it brings us to Talia Al Ghul. A definitive character in Batman mythology, shes been given a new creative lease on Arrow as a final mentor. Im excited to see what they do with her and how shell play into Olivers legacy. *beep*

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Gotta agree with you there, completely.

The Green Arrow mythos have relatively few 'definitive' moments and most of them have been checked off on the series so far. Green Arrow-Black Canary relationship? Done several times over. Roy Harper as Arsenal? Done. Mia Dearden as Speedy. Done, with Mia becoming Thea. Oliver losing his fortune and company? Done. Oliver becoming mayor? Done. Hell, Oliver even 'died' (sorta) and came back to life, like in the comics (except with a less cosmic approach to the story) so even THAT has been checked off.

Which means that we are pretty much in uncharted territory with the character moving forward.

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So we won't know what going to happen next.I think Green Arrow frame for murder should count as the show and comic book both done it. Although show did it first.

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Although show did it first.

LOL… not by a few decades…

You're suffering from delusions of adequacy.

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I know GA didn't have the epic arcs that Flash and Supergirl had, but there are still a few stories that I would love to see done on Arrow, although I'm not sure how the stories would adapt into the Arrow-verse.

Outsiders War is one of my favorites. The entire Green Arrow/Green Lantern run with the friendship (and road-trip!) between Hal and Oliver was a hoot. Speedy's drug addiction story (sort of done with Thea, but the Speedy story was so dark - Oliver pretty much abandoned him). The Trial of Oliver Queen, although the emotional side of this story is sort of in Arrow. I also loved Identity Crisis and while not a GA specific event, I would love to see something like that as a crossover.

Agree completely with you about Talia, I can't wait to see how she plays into the story.