Arrow : Just watched S1 for the first time (SPOILERS) UPDATED

Just watched S1 for the first time (SPOILERS) UPDATED

Hey guys! I just finished S1 of Arrow and I LOVED it!!!

So I'm a huge fan of The Flash!!!! I love that show and all it's characters! I've always known that the show is a part of a bigger universe but I never really cared to get into the rest of it. I've seen a few episodes of Supergirl and even though it's enjoyable enough it's really not for me (although I really enjoyed the Superman episodes). I remember trying an episode or 2 of Arrow last season but I couldn't take it seriously because of Oliver's Bat-voice!!!

However, I decided to give this current season a shot and I've been watching since the premiere and I won't lie I'm actually really enjoying this season! I really like the mystery behind Prometheus and seeing this whole sins of the past storyline that's happening now!

So I decided to go back and start from the beginning and I'm very happy I gave this a shot! I really loved hoe the main focus was on Oliver and his mission and the the CW relationship stuff was secondary(sans a few episodes). It all felt very Batman Begins-ish. If you're gonna steal, steal from the best! I liked that the villain(even though a little of the top) was believable and had a good motivation instead of the typical "I'm gonna fight the hero because I'm Evil!" kind of villain! I really enjoyed Oliver's relationships with Diggle and Felicity and how they all formed a team over the course of the season! I also really enjoyed the Flashback storyline! As a huge Lost fan I got a kick out of it and at times I enjoyed the flashback characters to the present day ones! I also enjoyed most of the Action scenes but some of them felt like they were victim of quick-cut editing.

As much as I enjoyed the show I do have some gripes! First off, Tommy! What a weak/pathetic screen wasting time of a character! Just another spoiled rich kid who doesn't get his way. They tired to make him interesting by making him the villain's son but not even that helped. The love triangle with him, Oliver and Laurel was just blah! I was so happy he died in the finale!!! Another character I didn't care for was the Mom. She was interesting at first but then it turned out that she was just a pawn in the villain's game that needed to get in line. It was a very meh storyline. Also, the sister. I don't dislike her but it's like come'on kid, get over yourself already and grow up!

Overall, I enjoyed this show and I'm excited to start S2!!! From what I've heard it's the best season! I've heard mixed things about S3 and S4 but I'll go into them with an open mind! I still love The Flash more but I'm glad I decided to give Arrow a shot!!! I'll update this when I finish S2!!!

UPDATED 1/2/2017

So I just finished Season 2 in 2 days!!! I loved this season better than Season 1!!!

First thing up! SLADE WILSON!!!! What a great reveal/twist that he was the villain in both past and present! I loved how Oliver's battle with Slade ran paraelle the whole season and how Slade's plan to take everything from Oliver damn near worked!!! The Final 4 episodes of the Season were better than most movies!!! And the scene where Slade kills Moira was INTENSE!!!

I also loved Felicity this year! She really came into her own and her crush on Oliver was enough to balance out the darkness of the rest of the season. Team Arrow on the whole was really interesting this year! With both Roy and Sara (even though her character was kinda all over the place this year) being part of the team. I kinda wish they did more with Diggle, seemed like he was just a witness except in the Suicide Squad episode (which is better than that movie). Moira really impressed me this year! Her character seemed more defined this year and her final scene was a smart way to end that character.

I few things I didn't care for. Thea and her constant whining!!! Like everytime she found out about something she got up on her high horse like she's so damn perfect. I wish they tried to make her more sympathetic because by the end of the year I was like "kill her off already." Also Laurel! I like her in season 1 but she was another one that was all over the place this year! Felt like they writer's didn't know what to do with her. First she hated the Arrow, then she was an alcoholic, then she hated/loved her sister. It was just too much for one character. Hopefully now that she knows about Oliver, she'll be more interesting next season!

Overall, I loved S2!!! I thought it was great and it was fun to see The Flash teased this season as that's still my favorite show of the DC CW! I'll start S3 tomorrow!!!

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Ignore the rest of the board till you're done watching.

Will be interesting to see how you progress.

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I confirm ! 👆🏼

Nice to have you around but watch without prejudice first, then let us know ! 😉

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Thea was such an annoying character in the early seasons. I hated her spoiled whinny brat butt. However, she ends up growing into an awesome character IMO.

Then again I feel the same about Laurel as Black Canary. I always like Laurels charcater but didn't really like her BLack Canary arc. Wasn't they greatly developed yet I feel she just starts to grow into and then bam well you pr Badly know what happens if you watch flash.

I can't believe you didn't like Tommy. He was a spoiled rich kid douche but I felt he brought out different sides to Oliver and Laurel on screen that I appreciated. Plus he had just started to become really intriguing b/c he knew Olivers secret then his dad's. I felt like they shouldn't have waited at least another season to kill him. I'd love to see him struggle more with how to deal with his father.

I'm just floored you didn't like Moira. She was so awesome because she could play both sides and you never really truly knew what her motives were. Plus the actress who s fabulous

I think I fell in love with few with Ollie/John dynamic on the show and then when Felicity joined them and became OTA they really did have great chemistry as a trio that sold the show early on.