Screenwriters : Does anyone want to script trade?

Does anyone want to script trade?

Hello, I am currently collecting screenplays and i would like to know if anyone would like to script trade with me. come to my profile to see what scripts i have and if you do want to trade with me send me a pm and a list of what screenplays you want, and a list of screenplays you have

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Re: Does anyone want to script trade?

I have many original scripts that are hand written first drafts. I will consider A trade for copies of these original works, some of them have not been made into film yet... others have. Avatar 2 & 3, Cowboy Bebop, The Matrix the complete series versions A and B, Sucker Punch etc..

I wrote BTF when I was seven. What movies have you written?

Here is A scene from A untitled comedy I just started working on.
Summary: Two male co-workers are talking and one of them is desperate!
Guy1 That's it! If I don't get laid this year, I am going to commit suicide!
Guy2 Didn't you say that last year?
Guy1 Shut up!!
Guy2 Does that start on your birthday..or...on New Years day...maybe Ash Wednesday! Because I want to know how much time you have left. He says with A sly grin across his face.