Screenwriters : A Place to Share your Scripts

A Place to Share your Scripts

Attention writers, movie fanatics, gamers, roleplayers and everybody in between - Virtual Hollywood is the place for you!

Virtual Hollywood is a community-based, online role-playing Hollywood simulation game that allows participants to simulate what it is like to be a power player in the movie industry today. ThatÂ’s right, you write the script, you cast the stars, you launch the advertising campaign and then you see how your efforts pay off at the virtual box office!

At the heart of it all, Virtual Hollywood is based around writing. Each player is issued the challenge of operating their own personal studio. They assume the role of screenwriter, producer, casting director and are given the task of creating a virtual movie.

A virtual movie can be many things – but essentially, they can be defined as a script, short story, fan fiction piece etc. that you wrote. Each player is given a default amount of virtual money. This virtual money is used to pay for the release and production of your virtual film. For instance, each actor you cast as a character in your film costs a specific amount of virtual money that is relative to that actor’s talent score.

After you’ve carefully put together your virtual film’s budget, you’ll want to get your movie into theaters. While in its theatrical run fellow players will read your virtual film. They will then cast a vote grading your virtual film which will ultimately determine how much money you make or unfortunately lose at the box office. When voting, players will take into consideration – plot, characters, characterization, story, emotion, casting, advertising etc.

In other words, your goal is to find a successful strategy and build your very own virtual money making empire!

But thatÂ’s not all...

As a writer, weÂ’re sure youÂ’ll be looking for specific feedback on your work. So, as well as being a studio head, producer, casting director etc. players are also each otherÂ’s critics. Players can join in on round-table discussions about virtual movies. As a critic, your goal is to pass along constructive criticism and help one another become a better writer in the process. Participating in these round-table discussions will also earn the player some virtual money that they can put towards their next virtual movie!

And if that wasn’t enough – players can also determine the fate of their favorite actresses, actors and directors. Virtual Hollywood allows players to assemble their own entourage. As an entourage leader, you will attempt to get your famous friends cast in virtual movies. Players will hold casting calls and an entourage leader will do their best to convince the casting director that their actor is perfect for the part. If your talent is cast – you’ll be rewarded with half of their salary that will go directly into your personal virtual bank account!

But what would Hollywood be without gossip and rumor? No worries, Virtual Hollywood has that covered too! There is a journalism portion of our game that allows players to write pieces about the latest news and rumors that have slipped through the cracks in our virtual movie making world. Writing up one of these short articles or interviews will score you even more virtual cash!

So, whether you’re looking for strategy, connectivity, feedback on your writing, a tight knit community of fellow writers and movie fanatics or just a whole lot of fun – Virtual Hollywood has all this and more to offer.

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