Screenwriters : The oldeest screenwirter of them all

The oldeest screenwirter of them all

Today is a good day to think about the oldest screrenwriter of them all. Frederica Sagor Maas turns 111years old. Her Hollywood career spanned the years 1925 to 1947.

LA MESA — An Internet search on Frederica Maas, a scriptwriter from Hollywood’s silent-film era, will yield several results, including her biography on Wikipedia and her filmography on IMDb. There is even a Facebook page.

But itÂ’s not entirely for her exciting career that Maas is best known. On Wednesday, the La Mesa resident turns 111 years old, cementing her current standing as the second oldest living person in California and the 18th oldest in the United States, according to the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks supercentenarians, people aged at least 110.

“She was verified as the 52nd oldest person in the world when she turned 110,” said Tony Tovar, a relative of Maas’ by marriage. “She is now the 67th oldest.

“It’s like she is getting younger.”

Born on July 6, 1900, in New York City, Frederica Sagor “Freddie” Maas began writing scripts with her husband, Ernest Maas, for classic silent films in the 1920s. Her work included “The Plastic Age” (1925) and “Dance Madness” (1926), both starring Clara Bow, and “Flesh and the Devil,” a 1926 drama with John Gilbert and Greta Garbo.

In 1947, she wrote her last story for film, “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim,” which was turned into a musical starring Betty Grable and Dick Haymes. She used the film’s title for her 316-page autobiography, “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim: A Writer in Early Hollywood,” which has been hailed by film history buffs as a trove of intimate accounts of movie making’s golden era.

Maas, who never smoked and drank only in moderation, now spends most of her days sleeping, said her niece Phoebe Simpson. Maas once credited resting as the secret to her longevity, Simpson said.

On Wednesday, a handful of relatives plan to visit Maas at Country Villa La Mesa Health Care Center where she has lived for the past decade. The gathering will mostly be an opportunity for family to remember Maas’ former “spitfire” spirit.

“I remember telling her last year that she was 110,” said Simpson. “And Freddie remarked, ‘No way!’

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