Screenwriters : The Spec Script?

The Spec Script?

Have you ever written a spec script? a screenplay on speculation [spec] hoping to get funding? I bought the Final Draft and wrote a few. Unless well connected financing is tough.

Was your spec script produced? micro budget, low budget or studio?
Thanks, Scot

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Re: The Spec Script?

I changed the title. By I guess the potential and or future screenwriters may be a bit shy in the competitive business of screenwriting.

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Re: The Spec Script?

not so much shy as just plain busy.

i wrote 3 before i sold one. low budget.

it is hard, isn't it?

Re: The Spec Script?

Yes, I have written many spec screenplays. I haven't gotten really good at it until recently. I didn't write them to get funding, but to sell them or help me get agent.

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Re: The Spec Script?

Yeah, I've written a bunch of spec screenplays - and sold a stack, and some of the ones that sold were made into movies.

I have no connections, no agent, no manager. My first Hollywood sale (to Paramount) was due to giving a script to a wanna be actress in my home town who gave it to a crew member on a low budget movie set, and the script was passed around Hollywood for 3 years and then sold to Paramount.

What was the question?

- Bill
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