Desperately Seeking Susan : Favorite line

Favorite line

I freaking love the dialogue, I forced my best friend, Paul to sit through this flim. He hated it the first time then watch and loved it.

Here's my favorite line

"Beauty fades"

"Bye bye Bruce, it was fun"

"Shut up, Lesile"

Re: Favorite line

There are SOOOO many, but here's a few:

*you weren't at all what I was expecting." said by Des
"you weren't what I was expecting either." said by Roberta

"people live here?" said by Roberta

"I don't believe it!" said by multiple people throughout the movie.

"Why didn't you tell me she read the personals?" said by Susan

Re: Favorite line

I love Jim saying "what f&ckin' stranger?"
Really makes me crack up.