Desperately Seeking Susan : Something I've never understood, Help!?

Something I've never understood, Help!?

Maybe I'm being totally idiotic but I've never understood this part:

Around 14-15 minutes into the movie Susan is walking downtown eating cheese puffs. She comes across a man getting a newspaper from a machine, he looks at Susan then says "Hey baby take a paper." Susan smiles at him, grabs a bunch of newspapers and then drops them onto the man's feet. The man then gives her a confused(?) look and walks away saying "Wow, I don't believe it."

For the life of me I can't understand whats happening?!

I understand that the point of the scene was so Susan can find out about the mobster being dead, but what I don't understand is why did she drop all of the newspapers on his feet? And was he reacting to her being rude by doing so?


Re: Something I've never understood, Help!?

That was a quirky scene I must agree, I've always thought so.

But my impression of it was:
The man was flirting with Susan by 'letting' her take a paper (showing off/being roguish too, since he paid for them yet acting like they're his papers)

Instead of taking just one paper like he expected her to, she rebelliously grabs a whole bunch & drops them for others to 'steal'.
He looks at her puzzled yet amused.

Then she smiles at him flirtatiously, something he wasn't expecting from a pretty young woman.
Thus both actions made up his 'I can't believe it' comment.

That was my impression of it.

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Re: Something I've never understood, Help!?

She wasn't being rude. He was being a d-bag.