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Gérard Brach: Polanski's Screenwriter

After noticing Mr. Brach's name on so many Polanski movies, I had to have a look at this screenwriter who co-wrote almost every movie Polanski made. Brach may have been one of the few genuine auteurs in cinema: his consistency of themes, genres, dialogue, situations and quality should place him alongside the best novelists.

I wonder how much Polanski owes to him. He's seldom wrotten his own original ideas, and he's usually better when working with screenwriters (Jerry Goldsmith, Ronald Harwood) or adapting novels. Brach may have been more responsible for Polanski's brilliant movies than we'll ever give him credit for.

His credits include:

Manon des Sources
Jean de Flortte
The War of Fire
The Name of the Rose
Bitter Moon
The Fearless Vampire Killers
The Tenant

This is pretty impressive for a screenwriter.

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Brilliant writer (though I have never read an actual screenplay by him). His work with other directors is usually as good as the scripts Polanski directed, leading me to believe he is responsible for much.


- Bill
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