A Chorus Line : Free with newspaper

Free with newspaper

This Film is free in tommorows paper The Daily Telegraph it's in a double bill with another Richard Attenborough film 'Chaplin'

Re: Free with newspaper

What's free, a dvd or a ticket somewhere? Uh, I guess this is in London?

Re: Free with newspaper

It's a free DvD of 'Chaplin & A Chorus Line' they are free with the Newspaper.
In Scotland

Re: Free with newspaper

I'll guess the TELEGRAPH is in Edinburgh; never saw Chaplin, though I heard it was rather braw. If the film CHORUS LINE vanished off the face of the Earth, it would be nothing to greet aboot.

p.s. Luv GREGORY'S GIRL. How is Susan Boyle? Hope she and Pebbles are thriving.