A Chorus Line : does cassie dance in the 80's version or is it a double?

does cassie dance in the 80's version or is it a double?

tyring to work out if cassie dances in the 85 version because she is a fantastic singer and good actress you cant be good at all three! looks like she has a dancing double! if you know the awnser please let me know! cheers

Re: does cassie dance in the 80's version or is it a double?

Alyson Reed (Cassie) most certainly did all of her own dancing AND singing in A Chorus Line the Movie.

She got her start performing in high school musicals and also worked as a character actor at Disney World.

She has performed in many Broadway musicals. She was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Cabaret and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress in a Musical for Marilyn.

Contrary to your assertion, many people can sing, dance AND act......otherwise, where would the Broadway musical be?

Re: does cassie dance in the 80's version or is it a double?

you cant be good at all three!
Yes you can. And many, many, many people are! In the biz they're called a "triple threat", meaning that they sing, dance, and act, and as the previous person pointed out, where would musicals be without them?!

Also, many actors can have multiple additional skills as well, depending on the role they have to play. If you get cast in Barnum, for example, not only must you be a triple threat, but you must also master tight-rope walking, stilt walking, juggling, trapeze, acrobatics, tumbling, and crying real tears on cue whilst simultaneously singing and juggling. (Now that's hard!)

Additionally, many actors who are triple threats are also competent at a plethora of other skills which they use in movie work, which can include; fencing/blade work, stunts, horse riding, skiing, stunt driving, wire work (flying etc), and almost limitless others.

Basically, to be an actor (and make a good living) you need to be as multitalented as possible. And yet still to this day many people have an attitude of contempt towards actors, assuming that all they want is to be rich and famous, and that acting isn't a 'proper job'. What most people don't realise is that actors are among the hardest working and least rewarded people in the workforce. Very few of them make it big on TV or in films, and those that do are often far less talented than those who bust their butts in obscurity. It's a cruel profession, but not without its up-sides too.

Re: does cassie dance in the 80's version or is it a double?

Very naive statement and question. You are asking about Alyson Reed, not the character (your silly question implies that Cassie herself in the movie had a dance double, as part of the plot of the film), and yes, Alyson did all of her own dancing in the movie, unlike Audrey Landers who played Valerie and was either missing from several numbers or only danced in the less taxing scenes or had a dance double altogether.

And you can not do all three? What a stupid statement: Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, to name a few.