A Chorus Line : Michael Jackson offered audition/role

Michael Jackson offered audition/role

Right after Michael Jackson's death, I saw on TV or maybe read somewhere that he auditioned or was offered a role in the movie. He was excited about it but decided to turn it down because the character was gay. At that time, some of the tabloid media was writing that he was gay and he felt, or was advised that protraying a gay character would not be a good idea.

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That is true. In fact Michael really wanted to play the gay character, but upon advice from someone in his camp he was forced to turn it down. The media was already speculating about his sexuality, and his people feared that this movie could fuel those rumours.
Today, it would be great to have a memory of Michael in this movie. It's a shame he only got to do The Wiz, Captain EO and Moonwalker, which is hardly a feature film, more like a long video.

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Speaking of Captain EO...it's back at Disneyland now, and I swear I saw Michelle Johnston (aka Bebe) during the making-of pre-show that they did while you're waiting to get into the theater. Anyone know if she was involved?

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