A Chorus Line : What does Zack do ?

What does Zack do ?

What does Zack do ? I can't remember him in the stage show. He seems redundant. How'd he get his job? The rest of the cast has talent, but I don't see how he got there. He scribbles some notes. About what? Is he the guy with the rich parents that bought him a job? The character is a cipher.

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Zach is the choreographer, and is responsible for making the dances for the show as well as casting the dancers. In the stage show he is an important character, as he gets the dancers to tell their stories. He is mostly an offstage voice in the stage version. It's more effective. How did he get there? In real life, the producers and perhaps the director would be responsible for hiring the choreographer.

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Zacks the director. the other dude (with the crazy brown hair) is the chorographer.

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carolinebogo "Zacks the director. the other dude (with the crazy brown hair) is the chorographer."

No, Zach is the choreographer. He actually states it in the movie right after Paul is hurt. It during the scene when he asks the dancers what they think they will do when they can no longer dance. Shelia reminds him that they were in the chorus together and that he was an awful dancer and he replies that is why he became a choreographer. Larry ("the other dude") is most likely Zach's assistant. A choreographer is actually often responsible for much more than just the dance routines and so many successful choreographers have assistants to deal with the chorus dancers while the choreographer will work with the costume director and the main players.

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Yes, and he might also be the 'dance captain;' a member of the ensemble or an understudy who is responsible for seeing that the choreography is danced as the choreographer intended it through the run of a long show with changes in cast.

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He's the choreographer. He says it in the movie. He is taking notes about the people auditioning, etc.

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In the stage show, however, the character is invariably credited and interpreted either as the director or director/choreographer. I've yet to see a production where Larry wasn't specifically billed as 'Assistant Choreographer'.

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I would also point out that the line quoted in an earlier reply (saying that Zach had quit dancing to become a choreographer) does not necessarily mean that he is not now the director of the show being cast.

Zach could very well have quite dancing to choreograph, and then later moved on again to become a director (or combination director / choreographer). That would be a fair description of Fosse's career path.

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PillowRock is correct.

Zach was a dancer (a bad one), then became a successful choreographer, and is now a director. It even mentions in the film that he's the director of the show they're auditioning for. (I can't remember which scene, but it's stated very clearly).

When he says that he became a choreographer because he was a bad dancer, he's talking about the PAST. Since then he's moved on.

The only thing that's ambiguous is whether or not he's actually choreographing this show as well as directing it, which would make Terence Mann his assistant choreographer, or if (as is more likely) he's the director and Terence Mann the choreographer.

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What Zack does, essentially, is gives the filmmakers an excuse to case an A-list star in their movie, so people will go see it.

Unfortunately, it didn't really work, as the movie was kind of crappy regardless.

Never seen the stage show, but I've heard it's good.

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It is also worth stating that if zack wasn't the director it is highly unlikrely that he would be running the audition on his own, or have final say over who was chosen.

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Zach is as integral to the plot in the stage version as he is in the film. The difference is we don't see him from the POV of the dancers like we do in the movie. He's usually just a voice through most of the show.