A Chorus Line : Best Dance Moment 'Movie Version'

Best Dance Moment 'Movie Version'

No musical in the world would have choreography so complicated in an open call. The audition is a test in terms and style not complicated or completed dance phrases .... What were they thinking?

With that said, there is one person who always stands out to me, who I believe gives the best dance performance in the entire movie. His name is Scott and he is clearly a featured extra. Director and Choreographer clearly seen something special in him because he really pulls your eye ... as Zach would say.

He was a good friend of Michael Bennett and Donna and was in several companies of ACL including the LA cast.

He is wearing white pants and a black top with Pittsburgh 32 on it. Although, he is cut in the very first scene, he goes on to dance with the guys and is really fantastic and shows off the classic Hornaday style.

That's my opinion. We'll Miss you buddy!

Macklin Crew

Re: Best Dance Moment 'Movie Version'

I noticed that, too, he was the best dancer out there. Too bad his life was cut short, dead at 42 from a car accident in Los Angeles.

"She's, like, a biscuit older than me..."