Screenwriters : How to write killer dialouge?

How to write killer dialouge?

Writing the action is challenging as well but the dialouge is the toughest. How can I make it better?

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Yep. Elmore Leonard style. Hard to go wrong. Especially if you're just getting started.

"God rot all 'good men'...."

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There are writers like Tarrantino who fill their screenplays with cool dialog but since you're starting out, have your characters speak with brevity. Also try not to tell the story through your dialog or voiceover. Telling your story this way means nothing if you don't have the images to back up the words. Always have the images before the words, after all that's the medium you're playing with. If it helps obsess over the structure of a films images and not so much the dialog. Watch movies without the sound.

Read some David Mamet.

These are some movies of mine. Enjoy!

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(First; learn to spell dialogue)

Yes indeed. You first, pal! If you're American, its 'dialog'.

"God rot all 'good men'...."

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Heh heh!

I like the way you think

"God rot all 'good men'...."

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No one can teach you how to write great dialogue. Just do your best to avoid being "on the nose" but that all really comes down to the opinion of your reader. I've had someone call my dialogue "on the nose" while another thought it was good (on the same project)

On The Nose refers to characters saying exactly what they feel. A male character will highly unlikely go up to a female he has been eye balling for the first time and just say, "I like you."

A good technique I learned is to imagine your character as a known actor (one that you've seen allot in movies) and picture them as you write your character's words.

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Dialouge is one of the last things you should be worried about. In many cases, trying too hard to make it killer might distract from the story, or show that you have none. Some suggestions:

Think about who's talking and what they want in a scene.

Make characters different enough so that they speak different.

Avoid stereotypical dialogue unless that's what you're going for with a particular character.

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Sometimes you must make the characters the center of the story, and the center of the Universe you're writing about/creating.

Keep the words you're characters say inside your head, and keep repeating the words your characters say inside your head, for days at a time. Write down notes. Experiment. Judge your work harshly, until it begins to grate you. Then keep working through when you think you're finished and think its all good. It'll be finished when you feel its finished, not when you think it will be finished.

If it helps ignore the conventions of spelling, grammar, and all that *beep* nobody except boring unsold self-declared "artists" are first to notice, comment, or otherwise waste time about. You can make refinements later in the writing process..and there are programs to help for that.

Write down stuff from real life.

When you watch movies always try to do better than the dialogue that is being said..all in your head, all the time.

Try not to think, but use your instinct to create dialogue. Fire from the hip, as they say.

Do that for a few years, and repeat until you're excellent at writing dialogue.