Screenwriters : Anyone interested in cowriting?

Anyone interested in cowriting?

I don't know if this is the place to post this question....BUT

Is anyone interested in co-writing a film or tv show? Either drama or comedy. I enjoy writing but have wanted to find someone to co-write with. Specifically, if they have the connections to even bring it to life. I have a few ideas for little things I haven't developed yet, but I'm totally open to other ideas as well. The more the merrier! This wouldn't be for money, just for fun.

If your seriously interested message me on here or in the forum and we can try to find a way to communicate :)

I know this sounds like a Craigslist ad...sorry!

Re: Anyone interested in cowriting?

People with the connections to bring a script to life likely have a stable of potential co-writers already.

If you want to co-write for the fun or experience, it'd help to specify why. Do you need the help or guidance with the format? Does having a commitment to someone else push you to work more? Do you want your ideas fleshed out more?

Also, knowing what your comfort level is, what kind of work excites you, what your experience is, etc. — all these figure in to finding a good match.

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Re: Anyone interested in cowriting?

I can help somewhat I guess.
I have a few ideas for comedies.
But I need to know what kind of humor your into. I have a very awkward kind of humor.
Here's some things I like
Seinfeld (who doesn't)
I like cartoons.
People who are awkward or weird.