Back to the Future : George, Lorraine, Marty, and Biff in the original 2015?

George, Lorraine, Marty, and Biff in the original 2015?

How do you think their lives would've panned out in the original history by 2015? It's sad to think about George and Lorraine growing old with him always being a dorky pushover and her perpetually depressed (in fact her alcoholism might've even given her health problems or killed her before then).

I could see Marty and Jennifer still ending up together, and while he wouldn't have had the Rolls Royce accident while racing (George's car was wrecked, they didn't go to the lake anyway), he could've ended up more like George in his own way... not having the confidence to send his demo tape in, not pursuing music, maybe still ending up in a dead end or soul sucking 9 to 5 kinda job. Also would've been depressed not having Doc anymore.

Biff would probably be a more mean and bitter version of the Old Biff we saw in Part II. Maybe if he'd remained a bad*ss, Griff would've looked up to him and respected him more. Wonder if he'd still be pushing George around even after they retired!

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You're assuming there even would be a Griff. Check this out , we only know Griff exists in a time after Biff got knocked out in highscool and sent on a calmer path in life (at least till he became a grumpy old man). It could very well be that had Biff been the same, he never even ended up having a son or daughter with whomever he does after Marty's influence to the past, and therefore there wouldn't even be a Griff. It's funny because the changed-Biff grows up to reapeat the line 'say high to your ____ for me' , which is what he originally said in 85 before being changed.
I imagine Lorraine would have been in a medical hover device , and George would simply have maybe had a cane (he wouldn't injure himself golfing assuming he only golfed in his successful life) so there would be a kind of swap there.
Marty and Jennifer probably would still end up together and I can imagine them having a more proper wedding thanks to Lorraine wanting to vicariously re-live her own (Especially if Dave and Linda never marry anyone, we don't know if they ever did/do in any timeline)
George and Biff probably worked for the same company up until retirement, with Biff having had the higher job always using George to work his way up the company ladder, so he wouldn't be an Old Biff waxing cars for money , he'd probably have enough money to get by.

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D*mn you could be right, especially if the improved 1985 Biff possibly married or had a kid with someone that he didn't in the original history, Griff may or may not have existed for all we know. That's true, I'm sure Biff and George worked together until like 2005 when they'd hit retirement age.

Except for Doc's death, I'd like to think Marty and Jennifer were slightly happier than we actually saw in Part II.