Screenwriters : Fans of 'True Detective: what's in a name?

Fans of 'True Detective: what's in a name?

True Detective is my favorite TV series since The Killing. The screenwriter is a novelist and therefore it's fair to say he uses novelistic techniques. The term 'characternym' refers to naming a character to reflect his or her nature/personality. Well, first we have Rust Chole. A very earthy name--literally. Iron and coal. Now, Chole knows who he is and has dealt with his demons. When he's shown the photo of the copycat killing by the new detectives assigned to the case, he stares coldly at it. He doesn't respond. However, thus far, Marty Hart hasn't been shown the new photo. Why not? How would he react if he saw it? We don't know. But Marty has not come to terms with 'his demons.' Could he be implicated in the new murder. What about his name, Marty Hart. Hart traditionally means a male red deer aged five or older. A male deer that old has already grown antlers. Mmmmm....any connection? 'Hart' and 'heart' are pronounced the same. In face Shakespeare makes several references (for example in Twelfth Night), punning on the homophones "hart" and "heart. Additionally, a hart is by definition, also a 'stag'. You know what a 'stag party is? Just some mental food for thought. I haven't been wrong yet, though.

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