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Weird Ass Movie

This movie will make children paranoid and angry.

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Most people see things that are and ask "why?", I dream things that never were and ask, "why not?"

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I guess that's true-because I watched this movie more than 5 times as a child and I consider myself pretty paranoid and angryas well as goofy and childish.

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No, actually this version is pretty tame compared to many other versions. It certainly doesn't make people paranoid and angry.

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There's a cake with "eat me" written on it!

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This Alice in Wonderland TV movie is bright and colorful. Out of the blue, it will turn into Poltergeist(1982)!

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I wonder if it is true that originally the title role was supposed to go to Heather O'rourke? Or is that just speculation, because with the blonde wig, Natalie looked exactly like Heather?