Alice in Wonderland : Patrick Duffy?

Patrick Duffy?


This is my first post on the "Alice In Wonderland" miniseries, so please forgive me if I am repeating something.

I love this version, as I think that it's the closest to the original two "novel-ettes." In 1985, when I was growing up, I remember watching it on television.

The broadcast was when all of the regular TV shows were on "hiatus." A few years back, on the very popular television show, "Dallas," they had left the season with a cliffhanger, which was "Who Shot J.R. Ewing?" They were trying something similar this season as well, with a bit of a twist. The cliffhanger was, this time (1985,) "Who Shot Bobby Ewing," who in "Dallas" was J.R.'s brother. Bobby Ewing was played by Patrick Duffy.

As everyone who has seen this version (or, for that matter, read the book) knows, it's an "ensemble cast" kind of a deal. As Alice moves through Wonderland, she meets many interesting characters, but the only ones that she sees more than once are The White Rabbit (Red Buttons,) and The Cheshire Cat (Telly Savalas.) Since all of the parts were "bit parts," so to speak, there certainly was no shame in taking a bit part in an ensemble work. You can see for yourself, by checking out the cast here on IMDb, that quite a few famous actors and actresses played small parts.

Well, I recently bought the miniseries - like the original books, it was in two parts; the "Alice In Wonderland" part, and the "Through The Looking Glass" part.

I distinctly remember that, near the beginning of the "Through The Looking Glass" part, Patrick Duffy played the part of a fellow on the train, who makes the acquaintance of ALice, and then turns into a goat. (The first clue that something weird was going to happen was that Patrick Duffy was reading a newspaper, and then, he began to ~eat~ the newspaper.)

Now, I know that this scene was in there. Not only did it stick in my mind, but I also recalled that Patrick Duffy was getting a lot of flak for it, since he had been Bobby Ewing on "Dallas," which was so popular, and the very next role that he played was this bit part. I felt that the criticism was undeserved, since all of the parts are bit parts, and he did a good job. In any event, I was looking forward to seeing it again, as well as many other scenes that I had enjoyed.

When the DVDs arrived, I watched them start to finish, and noticed that Patrick Duffy's scene had been cut! He never appeared on the train in the first place, although you do see the goat. It was kind of a clumsy edit.

Does anyone know what happened here?

Was he so upset about the public criticism that he, perhaps, paid to have his scene cut? Is that even a possibility?

It isn't as though he did that much more with his career. When "Dallas" came back on, the resolution of the cliffhanger was that Bobby Ewing only died "in a dream." So, he kept that role, and played it until the end of "Dallas." I don't think he did much else. I truly hope that he didn't take the critics words to heart, since they were, in this case, wrong. There is no shame to play a bit part in this miniseries.

Anyway, I miss the scene, and all of the wishing in the world won't bring it back. I'm hoping that another fan on this forum might have more information than I do.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Re: Patrick Duffy?

I'm positive that Duffy never turned into a goat; he always was one. I have this taped off of the Disney Channel from the early 90s and there, just like on the DVD, he's already a goat as Alice enters the train. So unless something was altered between the original broadcast on CBS and the syndication on Disney, a scene with a human Duffy was never filmed.

Re: Patrick Duffy?

That very well could be; I'm only going from memory. However, in the DVD that I bought through Amazon, the goat on the train is only there for a second. There is no "scene' with him; it is a matter of seconds that he is on the screen.

What I specifically remember was the goat eating the newspaper. On my DVD, there IS a newspaperjust no goat.

I also remember that there were some tabloid headlines making fun of Duffy from going from a lead role on a popular evening drama to a bit part of a goat. I felt that this ribbing was unnecessary, as many consummate actors, like Anthony Newley, played "bit parts." This is an ensemble show.

The only other thing I remember was that, after the insults in the tabloids, Duffy decided to go back to "Dallas," (he had already announced that he was quitting,) which lead to the "Who Shot Bobby Ewing" cliffhanger ending up to be "it was all a dream."

I wish I could see what you taped off of the Disney Channel. I was SURE he was on that train!

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Re: Patrick Duffy?

I'm wondering if maybe you have an edited version. Are you from Europe? The American DVD release features the goat pretty prominantly. He doesn't eat a newspaper, though. He eats a paper bag.

This is how the scene plays out on both my VHS recording and the Sony DVD release:

Is there anything shown above that's missing on your copy?

Re: Patrick Duffy?

I must have an edited version, because you're rightPatrick Duffy ~is~ prominently featured. I'm from the USA, but somehow, I didn't get that scene.

Thanks so much for directing me to it - at least now, I know that I'm not "mad." (Well, no "madder" than anyone else here, that is! biggrin.gif)

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