Miracle Mile : Danny Berrigan died

Danny Berrigan died

This movie is the reason I even know who he was.

The younger maintenance worker guy from the diner, named Mike, mentions Danny Berrigan, when he and the waitress are trying to help Landa by compiling a list of "great minds" to give her... Landa told them, in that van/truck vehicle they try to get to the airport in, that they should brainstorm a list of brilliant people that she could telephone, to take along with them to Antarctica. The waitress can only think of Pat Riley, the Lakers coach in the 1980s, but the maintenance guy manages to think of some activists, and scientists. Of course, the joke there is that the missiles were already in the air at that point, so it was a little late to get activists involved... it made me want to cry, because that maintenance guy actually was doing better than most people probably would, in compiling that list, but it was still pathetic and hopeless.

RIP Danny Berrigan. It sounds like you really tried HARD to make a difference. I wish there were more people like you.

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