Mississippi Burning : Watched for the first time

Watched for the first time

And I'm 35 years old! What I got from this is this is what Trump means when he says "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" Hatred racism and division.

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Not that it matters. The racists in the movie were democrats.

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The democrats of then, yes I'm aware ???????

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As long as you've convinced yourself...

OOPS! You Need to Read-Up Some More…

Oops and "ouch," Ms Chocolat Girl...

Previous poster is right: the political party of the time here in this movie is... Democrat-Democrat-Democrat. Scratch that. This brand of Democrat crazy was called "Dixiecrat." It would be convenient to just categorize with single broad stroke... wouldn't it? 😇 But I'm sure you'll agree this type of Democrat isn't the Democrat of America today, right?

Oh...and...umm...you also know Abraham Lincoln was...er...umm..a Republican, right?

But Mississippi and its Democrats also has the distinction of blessedly birthing The American Civil Rights Movement -- commonly agreed by historians --- in the form of a 14-year-old boy-visiting-from-Chicago...a young Mr. Emmett Till...who decided to let a white lady in Money, MS (population of around 400 at the time)...to let her know how pretty she was by letting out a wolf-whistle her way...

And you know what happened, right?
And you know what Emmett's Mama did for his funeral, right? And how the world found out?
And it's very breathtaking how a 14-year-old boy succeeded in starting the erosion of intimidation for Delta Blacks by The White Man.
And the start of the American Civil Rights Movement. I wish I could've met him and told him before he traveled to see his Uncle in the South... "Emmett...you're going to change a country..." Would he believe it?

So... Ms Chocolat...it can be risky to recklessly take things out of context...and not know more of the story...and paint with such a broad brush in a single swish...and to be a broker of fear by categorically hanging something on a single hook. The racism and hatred shown in this movie that you're trying to hang on Republicans was actually the doing of --

-- Democrats(!)


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Southern racists who were Democrats, dating from before the Civil War until the late 1960s, abandoned the Democratic Party after LBJ passed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts and joined Richard Nixon's "Big Tent" of the GOP... where they have remained ever since.

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Thank you!!! Ignorance

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You sound uneducated and you sound like a puppet. Did you get that from talking points memo or Huffpo? Get over your self. No one cares about you you are not a special princess or snowflake. You are too young or stupid to figure out why our nation is great.

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I'm uneducated no one cares about me AND I'm stupid. Thanks for proving my point *beep*

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Im 35 too and just found this playing on tv. Powerful film. Glad I had the chance to see it. I will never understand such unwarranted hatred. Absurd and disgusting.