Mississippi Burning : The South can suck my balls

The South can suck my balls

Yeah, and I'm a white american.

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That's why states like Mississippi have had few immigrants since the 1800's. Mississippi was and never has been a state that was more than an extension of the old south with 90% of the people English, Scotch-Irish, or black. Biloxi is a little bit of exception, but not much


I'm sittin here in Mobile and you may have Biloxi and Gulfport mentioned because they have military bases there. More people from all over. And I do not condone, nor wish anything other than what history has said, other than I'm positive it was a million times worse than what any movie or history book will say.Do you realize Mobile was the last city in the US that had a legal public lynching? I have lived all over the states of MS and AL for about 45 years and It seems to me the northern portion is more in touch with mainstream society than the coastal portions. Like Reese Witherspoon says, ' Yah gotta have a passport to get down here".
In the location part, they left out a little fact about some of the outdoor things. They filmed some town square stuff in LaFayette ( thats pronounced la-FAY -ette), a little teeny town above Opelika and then some stuff outside with fires at a hunting camp out in the woods near a town called Wadley. Its really just a stop sign and some historical buildings really, and its just northwest of LaFayette. You couldn't get more out in the middle of nowhere at night if you tried especially when this movie was shot.

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Yankee troll alert!


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Black people are moving back to the south in droves. The south isn't perfect by any means but it's vastly improved since the 60's. The south is no more racist than many northern states and probably less racist than places like Boston which is as racist as any place in America.