Mississippi Burning : Anderson and Mrs. Pell

Anderson and Mrs. Pell

Did anyone else hope something would come of the chemistry between Gene Hackman and Frances McDormand? Her character was so good-hearted; she deserved more than to just stagnate in that racist dump-hole end of the movie.

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Even though I felt for her character, I thought the romantic undertones between the two were just right, any more and it would have perhaps diluted the intense drama and pace of the movie.

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I get what you mean. I've seen this movie many times and the same thought usually crosses my mind at one point. But really I think it is that very thing, that they didn't do anything about their mutual attraction, that makes that part of the story so good... that we were hoping for something that wouldn't ever happen. In real life, most people at some point in their life will cross paths with someone amazing that they simply cannot be with romantically, for whatever reason, and such truths makes it all the more intense and agonizing at the same time. That part of the story was very realistic, in my opinion.


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