Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood : Would you have preferred the formula…

Would you have preferred the formula…

Or do you like that they tried something different?

I do appreciate the attempt at shaking things up with regard to the standard F13 formula. Giving Tina psychic powers meant she really could go toe to toe with Jason in a new and interesting way.

However, it could be claimed that this was the beginning of things getting really gimmicky. I mean, starting with this one, you had Jason vs. Carrie, Jason cruising to NYC, Jason possessing people, and Jason in outer space.

Okay, so maybe things were always gimmicky, but for the first few movies, the gimmick was just boobs and bloodshed. At this point, though, the standard gimmick expanded to include wacky characters and/or settings.

I guess another round of the usual counselors and teenagers being stalked and slashed would've seemed rather stale, but maybe that's just what a lot of the fans might prefer.

And if you feel inclined to point out that the silliness truly started with Jason being resurrected by a lightning bolt in Jason Lives, I will most certainly grant you that point.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. It's Friday the 13th and that just brings out the slasher geek in me. So if I haven't lost you yet (or lost you somewhere around the second paragraph, for that matter) and you have an opinion on the matter, I'd love to hear it.

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Just a couple more thoughts (hey, I'm on a roll, why stop now??).

Got to appreciate that this was the beginning of Kane Hodder's stint as Jason. To many fans, he was the best to do it. It's a shame that he came in at a point where the series really turned to sh!t, though. (Just my opinion, of course. No disrespect to fans of those movies. Heck, if you love 8,9, and X, you've got to be a diehard fan, and I can get with that.)

This is no major revelation, as it's pretty widely agreed upon, but this is the coolest looking Jason, especially once unmasked!

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first of all jason x rules. it's the closest to an '80s horror movie ever made since the '90s began other than critters 3 in 1991. and it has everything we love about these movies except having the exact '80s qualities and things which is impossible to have after 1991 though.

you have to understand that there is a reason why they cant' ever make a film in this series the exact same way they made them in the '80s since jason goes to hell. film technologies change and film lenses change. they could go back and use old film stock and film lenses but it wouldn't sell it wouldn't make a lot of money.

jason x is a perfect film ad it would be in the top 6 films in this series had it been made in the '80s and had there not have been the '80s films in this series.

now the best setting for a friday the 13th film is obviously on earth and on a camp ground and with cops and cars and fun characters doing fun things together.

but they did the best they could do with jason in space and it is great and very entertaining and very satisfying in fact as satisfying as a fan of this series could ever ask for or expect given that it's jason in space.

if you ask me, the next film they should make it as faithful as the '80s films. make it exactly like the '80s films and they will then get the best results.


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Even though the previous Friday the 13th movies weren't super concerned with reality, Tina's telekinesis is a dramatic shift from the others. However, for me, it just works. It's different enough to keep me interested, but not different enough to be off-putting.

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Right on, roddick-1. I definitely dig The New Blood, so I'm not bothered by Tina's powers. It's just interesting to me to think about what it would've been like if the telekinetic stuff was removed and it was business as usual.

Of course, there would've needed to be another reason for Jason's return, but, like, I dunno, lightning again. Or literally whatever.

I'm certainly not saying it would've made the movie better. Indeed, it might've been for the worse, as it would've just been more of the same of what's come before.

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This is my favorite Friday the 13th movie. I like it the way it is.

You're from the future?Well that's brilliant!Do they still have sandwiches there?