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Typical Actress Topic Post

Something like this throughout their career...
IMDB Message Board Post:
-She's going to be huge!
-Does anyone else think she looks like (insert name here)?
-Anyone know if she's on Facebook?
-Is she related to (insert public figure with same, extremely common last name here)?
-I met her!
-I know her!
-I'm related to her!
-She should win an Oscar!
-She can't act
-Has she ever appeared nude?
-Did she do porn?
-Is she partially (insert ethnic group here)?
-Is it true she's a lesbian?
-What happened to her career?
-Her real birth year?
-Too much botox!
-Too liberal!
-Is it true she turned down (insert hit movie here)?
-I'd still do her!
-Happy Birthday!
-Still a beautiful lady!
-She got really old!
-RIP :(

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LOL! So true. Do men, now!

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Lately it's been

-she blew this guy I know

30 seconds after the Challenger blew up he's on the phone selling NASA stock short. Mr. Nice Guy!

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A lot of those really old posts were probably made by lukejbarnett.

You've seen Guy Standeven in something since the man was in everything.